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Angel Needed by RareMoreena Angel Needed by RareMoreena
His step-sister was tucked safely in bed, asleep despite their mother not being the one to get her settled. Rayeanne was picky like that. But she realized that mom and her dad needed a night to themselves, so she'd finally drifted off, a stuffed tiger curled in her arms. He settled down in the living room, the tv on for soft background noise while he busied himself with paperwork. At some point, it had started to rain, so he assumed they'd be out a little later to avoid the downpour, so he kept working, not minding playing babysitter.

He knew something was wrong when they hadn't come home by midnight. It was their anniversary, and he didn't want to bother them with something so trivial, so he left it alone. At some point he fell asleep at the table, his pen digging uncomfortably into his cheek. A loud pounding woke him, and he nearly fell out of his chair from the abrupt change of unconscious to alert. The pounding continued, and he hurried towards the front door, his hand moving up and under his sweater for the Browning Hi-Power he carried at all times. Being a bodyguard had given him a new outlook on day-to-day nuances. Glancing out the side window by the front door, his heart sunk into his chest. He hid his gun again and opened the door.

Two grim-faced police officers were in rain gear, still obviously drenched despite the protection. "We're looking for a Rayeanne Seaver, or a Loren Seaver." "Rayeanne is my step-sister, she's asleep upstairs. I'm Loren." "You might want to wake her up. We have bad news for you. "She's three. I won't wake her up. What happened?" "There was an accident. We don't know what exactly happened, but... They didn't make it."

His head spun, and he bit down on his tongue to hold back the scream that clawed at his throat. In an instant, his world was torn apart. Cerulean eyes stared blankly past the officers, out into the downpour. "I need a moment... Please..." He didn't wait for a response before he was off the porch, standing just past its safety in the biting rain. Tears fell from his eyes, mingling with the rain so no one would know he was crying. His tears had to be shed now, because he'd never be able to cry in front of Rayeanne. He had to be strong for her. But right now, in his moment of mourning, all he could think of was how much his family needed an angel, to save them from the hell they were thrust into.


This is Loren Seaver, again~! I've changed things up a little, and this is what I've ended with. Loren is much older than his step-sister, and now... She's his responsibility. (Oh angst, how I ADORE thee.
I'm super proud of this one. I see things I need to work on, but I'm super super happy with it. The thing on his chest is a locket that has pictures of his family inside of it.
Simiko Featured By Owner Dec 15, 2010  Professional Traditional Artist
NICE @_@
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Thank you~!!!
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