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December 14, 2010
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Tornado Volcano by RareMoreena Tornado Volcano by RareMoreena
He was thoughtful... He had a multitude of things going on in his brain... From work to sex to money. His mind was no longer a safe haven, and he hated it. Honey gaze directed out the window, he sat, wondering where he was going with his life, what he was doing. Perhaps it was time to change, but how to go about it? Bed hopping was losing its appeal, though the money was good. Maybe it was finally time to take his father up on his offer, and head back home... Start learning the family business and go back to college. Either way, it was time for something to change.

I listened to sooooooo much strange music while working on this. I revolved between pop music like Ke$ha, Katy Perry, Minus the Bear, and really sad songs. O___o No idea what was in my brain for this one.

Anyway~!!! Here's Aiden again~! In CLOTHES~!!! He likes to braid his hair when he's relaxing, so it's out of the way. And he loves his make up. I wanted the opposite of his sensual, kinky side, and went for a more every day, thinking look. I'm really happy with him in this one~!! And sorry the little snippet isn't quite so good or long. I really wasn't inspired to write for him.. Just draw.

Aiden Mancini belongs to me~!!!!
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